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Permanent Placement

TRN Career's network of industry experts provide access to candidates unavailable through traditional sourcing methods. Our targeted recruitment approach and close relationships helps identify passive candidates who are currently employed and skilled in their respective fields.

Through knowledge-based contacts and industry concentration, organisations are presented with the best candidate for the position, not just the most qualified candidate available.

The value proposition of TRN Career's approach is evident throughout the ten stages of our professional placement process.

The strict adherence to our 10-step process ensures highest quality and yields impeccable results.

Team of Professionals::
  • Studying the clients
  • Assessing the situation
  • Desgining the strategy
  • Securing the candidates
  • evaluating the qualifications
  • Organising debriefing of role
  • Finalising the Selection
  • Presenting the candidates
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Selection

Contract Staffing

TRN Onsite provides organisations with end-to-end recruitment solutions and a flexible service delivery model, supporting your efforts to transform HR functions into value-added activities. With the full suite of TRN Onsite services, our clients can leverage our recruiting expertise across the gamut of recruitment processes.

Using this platform, the internal HR department is able to concentrate on core business efforts, knowing that talent acquisition requirements are being effectively managed, end users are receiving optimum service levels, and human capital investment is being maximised.

TRN Onsite guarantees the talent clients require, the return on human capital investment clients seek, the abilities professionals need to achieve their broader strategic corporate responsibilities. With TRN Onsite, clients can realise all of these advantages and more.

Onsite Recruiting

Our Contract Staffing services allow clients to quickly scale up and scale down specialized project workforce according to dynamic business needs. We partner with clients to forecast upcoming requirements and implement high-impact sourcing strategies.

Our specialised expert recruiting groups identify consulting/contract candidates that complement your unique organisation. These candidates are selected for their subject matter expertise, domain experience and their ability to hit the ground running. They are expected to make immediate and tangible contributions to mission-critical projects.


TRN Global, a subsidiary of TRN Careers was established to partner with select US & European Staffing firms in their efforts to optimise business costs and maximise recruiting bandwidth.

TRN Global is your partner in growth. Never hesitate to take on more business opportunities for the lack of recruiting strength. The highly flexible and robust team of TRN Global recruiters is standing by to help you close more business with very little ramp up time and cost.

TRN Global will provide you custom outsourced recruiting solutions that will guarantee you a seamless recruiting team across oceans and nations.